6-TfrDbdeUZ8h2HlcpiCBFV2Qxc-P9sCUkcmHhVzkIMTo understand what The Olympic Diner really is about we thought we would share a letter that was written by Peter’s daughter. The Olympic Diner is much more then just a diner, its like a homecoming every time you come in. We hope you take the time  and come in and visit us soon!



“The dictionary definition of the word diner is a small usually inexpensive restaurant with a long counter and booths. We have all of that here however the definition of Olympic Diner is much more then that. For the past 25 years the diner has become more of a home, a place of comfort for most of us. It is a place where we meet up with friends and family for good food and happy faces. Many friends are made within these walls and when I think of all the special memories created here it would be impossible to imagine anything other then the Olympic Diner standing here. Many of you might not even know that without this place, my brother, sister and myself wouldn’t even be here because it is the place where my parents met and fell in love. The past 25 years have been very special and this remodeling has been a long process but very well worth it. Theo Petro, Maria, Nick, Theo Taso, John, Tom, and especially you dad- your guys hard work over the years and all the blood sweat and tears put into this place have really paid off. The new diner looks magnificent and you should all be very proud of your hard work. Dad, I would just like to tell you how special you are to me and everyone here. Your endless work, crazy stressful days and constant love and effort have and will continue to pay off. You are my role model and my hero and I love you very much. I am proud to be your daughter and part of this wonderful establishment you have all dedicated your lives to. Here is to at least another 25 great years in the new diner and many more wonderful memories to come.”

– Alyson